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Article for NBGA.MAG

Melt into shade with Phoebe Walters 

iD Interview

Art Direction: 'Melt Into Shade', 'Match your makeup to your textilezzz'  'OLABISI'  'Skin Deep' BASE,  Aesthetic Zine. 


Clients: Lulu Lemon Campaign, Converse UK,  ASOS,  Les Boys Les Girls,  Blk Dnm,  Les 100 Ciels,  Caramel,  Burberry,  End Youth Homlessness Campaign,  Peter Pilotto,  All Saints,  Gucci DIY Collab ft WilliamCult,  Maribou State: Nervous Tics (feat. Holly Walker) .  

Editorial: Glass Magazine Cover, Rollacoaster Cover, H Magazine Cover,  Seventh Man Cover, Telegraph; Ultra Travel Issue Cover, Attitude Cover,  Wonderland, Vogue Russia,  Elle UK,  Marie Claire UK,  Dazed Digital,   Badlands 777,  Document Journal,   Hunger,  Bullet Magazine,  Petrie Inventory,  Metal,  No Substance,  Teeth,  THEM Magazine,  Nou Magazine,  Gut Magazine,  Schon Magazine,  BASE. 

Talent: Kodie Shane, Sigrid, ELIZA, Mina Rose, Asa

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